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Most everything out there speaks to under thirty group, as if the only Catholic Singles out there are still in their prime.

Not much out there for over 50 group struggling with starting over again single--after a divorce or death--finding yourself in a sea of un-catechized Catholics.

I have enjoyed Anthony's work for several years and was looking forward to this book.

The idea is that you won't find a good candidate for marriage until you become one yourself.

AFter 7 years, I managed to convince myself that I really can't beat not having to share closet space, the opportunity to paint the house any color I like, and to buy clothes that I don't need without getting approval. I stopped seeing myself as "single and available" and I decided I was just a content to be a happy Sicilian widow delighting in the joy of serving my homemade pizza or pasta to the next person who happened to walk through my door! I went out to get the mailbox and was shocked at quickly the book arrived.

I had heard about Anthony Buono's new book, "Would You Date You? I'm done thinking that it might be nice to meet that someone special. By God's grace, I ordered the book---not because I like the sound of Anthony's last name (Buono), although that might have had something to do with it. For starters, red is my favorite color so Anthony already struck another chord with the cover.

Although the book will be most enjoyed by Catholics, I think it is accessible to anyone who is open to reading a Catholic perspective on dating, courtship, and marriage.

Anthony's approach is challenging but non-confrontational and this book is a good source of self-reflection in regards to whether one is truly ready for dating and marriage.

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