Camel foot adult

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Their urine is thick and syrup-like with a high salt content so as to excrete mostly waste and reduce fluid loss.This helps them from becoming dangerously dehydrated if they can’t get to water.To all the women out there, imagine this: you’re walking down the street in your favorite pair of yoga pants, and a passerby gives you a dirty look.They mutter to the person next to them that you should have left your camel toe at home.

Contrary to popular myth a camel stores fat, not water, in its hump.

The camel can break down this fat into water and energy to sustain itself when these things are not available; it’s like carrying around a huge picnic basket on their back.

Approximately 36 kilograms of fat can be stored in the camel’s hump, which can sustain them for up to 160 kilometres of travel without water or food.

An adult camel reaches a height of 6 – 7 feet tall and can weigh anywhere between 300 – 700 kgs, with a life expectancy of 40 – 50 years.

The gestation period of a female camel is approximately 13 months, usually giving birth to only one calf.

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