Dating your college roommate

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Once the roommate honeymoon phase ends—and trust me, it will end—you need to know how to effectively manage and work through conflicts, or else you’re in for one roller-coaster of a semester.

It takes patience, compromise, consideration and above all else, Bottom line: Do not be passive aggressive.

And at the very least, having contacted them will hopefully really fast-track your application to change housing.

You asked this a week ago; hopefully you got to campus and your roommates are now your new best friends for real. This is still going to be four years of freedom for you, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Let’s get down to bossing people around on the internet!

Today we’re going to talk about dating your co-worker. Living with homophobic people at college requires, in a lot of ways, the exact same skills and strategies as living with homophobic people at home.

But unfortunately, you have to put being safe before life being fair. Many colleges will let you make residence changes after one semester or even sooner.

People drop out, or never show up, and rooms appear.

But the more people you tell, the better the chance someone will.

But, because Formspring has a character limit and we’re wildly optimistic w/r/t our time-management skills, we thought we’d go one further and let you use our ASS private messaging to share advice-related feelings, too.

For more info on sending in questions, see the bottom of this post.

You don’t owe these people being friends with them. Do you have friends who at least stay up late so you can hang out with them until 2 am and your roommates will be asleep or raging or playing My Dream Boyfriend or whatever it is that homophobic straight people do?

Seriously, even if you have a 24-hour campus center or library hours, you have an option. Obviously it’s unfair for you to have to basically give up your own home because you live with some douchecanoes. ) you meet someone, you’ll have to do one of those “Uh, we probably shouldn’t go back to my place” things.

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