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Imprint also organizes patrols in areas where harassment and assault are rife.Bussy Performances based on true stories exploring themes of womanhood in Egypt, Bussy provides a space for expression on issues deemed controversial in Egypt.

A voluntary social movement dedicated to tackling issues including sexual harassment on Egypt's streets, subway tunnels and workplaces.

Shared widely on social media websites like You Tube, Facebook and Twitter, it appears to have been filmed using a mobile telephone. It did not specify whether the seven were involved in the assault of the girl seen in the video.

A security official authenticated the video, saying police had arrested seven men for assaulting and stripping the 19-year-old student. "It is shameful that security officials from the interior ministry did not adopt any measures or security plans to prevent such assaults, despite the fact they have repeatedly occurred," said the "I Saw Harassment" activist group.

Almost 100 women were sexually assaulted during the four days of mass protests that led to the military ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July last year, Human Rights Watch reported at the time.

Sunday's attacks come days after the presidency approved new punishments for sexual harassment, entailing hefty fines and jail terms for offenders.

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