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Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?Problem: I have a game which generates wall in every 2 seconds.When I press Home button, and then come back to my game, the pattern of wall creation is disrupted.My theory is that when the game is suspended via Home button, the game scene stops but the timer doesnt stop and continues to create the walls which causes the problem.From the article, creating a scheduled, non-repeating timer can be done something like this: instance.If you then want to look in more detail at the method you can refer back to the docs for more information, but there is explanation around the code too.I tried to stop the timer of wall creation when the game is suspended: I checked several answers but all of them explains the solution when NSTimer sits in Game View Controller and I cant access my NSTimer in Game Scene from Game View Controller.

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If you want to stop a timer that is one which repeats, (or stop a non-repeating timer before it fires) then you need to keep a pointer to the Because the run loop maintains the timer, from the perspective of memory management there's typically no need to keep a reference to a timer after you’ve scheduled it.

Since the timer is passed as an argument when you specify its method as a selector, you can invalidate a repeating timer when appropriate within that method.

The Apple docs have a section at the top of each reference article called "Companion Guides", which lists guides for the topic being documented (if any exist).

For example, with For your situation, the Timer Programming Topics article is likely to be the most useful, whilst threading topics are related but not the most directly related to the class being documented.

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