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Her button was being gently stroked, and she was on the edge. " The blond one asked in a smooth, undemanding tone that she wanted to interpret as "We're going to fuck you and you want it. Involuntarily, Michelle's legs wrapped themselves around him, a man at least fifteen years her junior, who she only saw twenty minutes ago for the first time, and certainly didn't know.

She had to make one more try for fidelity, or what little of it was left. She pushed back against him, no, she fucked up at him, she wanted to come again already and she fucked him until she did.

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The sun was not as warm as her flesh when she was briefly exposed to it again.They would sit and read erotic stories together, he, little knowing that some of them were written by her, as unknown to him, she was a member of the site, and flirted outrageously with her select on line friends.She had even passed on a few photo's, naughty ones of course.His friend was blond, of similar build, both had hair long enough to cover their ears.Thank God they hadn't caught her earlier, indulging herself.

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